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A ‘Dream Date’ Wedding with Coffee, Vegan Burgers & Wedding Day Tattoos

It was love at first latte for Becky and Char, meeting as baristas in Starbucks. They just wanted to enjoy themselves on their wedding day, doing all their favourite things – grabbing coffee and vegan burgers, taking photos and getting tattoos! They were married in July with a £5000 budget.

Instead of a big reception, they went out for the day in Bristol, focusing on what they loved, followed by the pub with 22 of their favourite people. They told us, “We laughed through the car park, stood in water fountains, threw the keys to our padlock into the river and stopped at Society Cafe for a bit of respite from the rain! Oowee Vegan provided our favourite burgers, and we got the best photo of the day swinging around in front of graffiti that we stumbled across. We then went to our local tattoo studio and it was the perfect place to chill, making our day extra special”

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Disney Villain Themed Wedding

We feature a lot of Disney inspired weddings, but I think this may be the first Disney Villain themed day, and quite frankly its a genius idea for a Spooky Season wedding! Peter and Kayleigh were married in Liverpool last October and they wanted a mix of traditional and alternative elements to go along with a sprinkle of Disney Halloween.

“We stayed true to our vision for the day and mixed more traditional aspects with our own twist”, Kayleigh told us. “It was hard finding the right suppliers at first, we’d very quickly get pigeonholed, but when we found Rock n Roll Bride it opened up a whole new world of wedding suppliers who were unreal! The industry certainly is still geared up for only a traditional white wedding, but once you go past this there is so much colour, acceptance and alternative choices. Rock n Roll Bride is a great foundation to get the confidence to find the right ideas and suppliers.”

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Bright Colours, Sacred Hearts and Traditional Tattoo Themed Leeds Wedding

Sam and Katie met in a tattoo shop where the bride worked and so for their wedding they wanted to reflect their mutual love of tattoos. It was also a bit of a confetti explosion of colour and they ended up choosing quite a few Mexican inspired things like piñatas and sacred hearts – although this wasn’t an intentional theme.

The bride arrived to the ceremony in a Piñata laden Land Rover Defender to a venue dressed in cascading colours, Sacred Heart bunting and a badass streamer backdrop.

“One of the best decisions we made was to have a drink with everyone before the ceremony”, the bride began. “It made the day feel super relaxed and definitely helped to quell (some of) the nerves beforehand! Also, my little sister, aunt and uncle decorated my uncle’s car and my dad drove me down to the venue, just the two of us in the car. That was very special!”

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Vegas Style Pink & Modern Elopement

Wanting to reflex the laid back, colourful aesthetic of a Las Vegas elopement, but stay closer to home in Western Australia, Sofie and Alex chose Rebel Rebel Wedding Chapel in Perth for their June wedding. The chapel was already decorated in a modern, colourful style they loved, and fits under 30 guests, so it was the perfect choice for them.

“Our venue is one of a kind for Western Australia, nothing like it in the state”, they told us. “We had our mums as our ring bearers and only had parents, siblings and grandparents present.”

Our celebrant was a very old family friend of mine”, Sofie continued, “and it was so special having someone who has watched me grown up marry us. We did our own vows and Alex’s were sweet, loving and straight to the point. Mine were a mix of loving, funny and emotional. I told Alex that I love that he shares his first chicken nugget from the box with me!”

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DIY with a Touch of Vintage and a Homemade Floral Dress

Held at Avebury House in Christchurch, New Zealand, Emily and Tim’s wedding was as as fully a DIY as a wedding can probably get. As well as doing all the catering, flowers and music themselves, Emily made her own dress and headpiece (featuring silk ribbon embroidery and lace from her mum’s wedding dress from 1982), her mum’s dress, the bridesmaids corsages and all the decorations! Tim wore his family tartan which only arrived from his cousin in Edinburgh a few days before!

“Someone told me that our wedding looked like something out of a fairytale and that made my day!” Emily told us. “It was very pretty, colourful and had a lot of vintage touches. Sewing is a big part of my life and I wanted to embrace that. I also wanted it to have a soul, and not be a cookie cutter replica of what others did. We didn’t have a first dance or any readings. Our ceremony was a handfasting and my husband received a traditional Sgian Dubh knife instead of a wedding ring.”

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Funfair Wedding on a Farm with Friends References, Llamas and An Explosion of Colour

Hollie and Chris met through roller derby, and so they wanted their colourful wedding to be reflective of that, but other things they love too such as colour, the TV show Friends, Disney and carnivals! “It was non-traditional, just an explosion of colour, and a proper great knees-up with all our loved ones”, they said.

They also didn’t want to be influenced by anyone else, so kept all their plans secret. Hollie explained, “Right from the very first conversation Chris and I had about what we wanted to have at our wedding, FUN was the focus as we are both just big kids. Now, what is more fun than a funfair!? We knew we didn’t want anything formal, we just wanted everyone to enjoy every part of the day.”

“Guests were greeted by a beautiful vintage carousel, my bridesmaids carried lollipop bouquets that I had made, there was no formal seating – we are all family – and we didn’t allocate a certain time for eating, the food was available for about four hours, so guests could eat when they wanted to.”

A funfair theme ran through the day, with rainbows, sparkles, bubbles and a whole lot of entertainment for the guests. Hollie explained to us exactly how they created such a fun day, “I had my heart set on a carousel, and after some searching, discovered Mark at Nationwide Amusements.  He went above and beyond to help deliver our dreams of a fairground wedding. We had a shooting gallery, hook-a-duck, test your strength, coconut shy, loony ladder and the all-important vintage carousel. Each stand had plush cuddly prizes – flamingos with a crown and rainbow llamas”

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Backpacking Elopement Adventure in Utah

Taking it right back to the bare essentials, Donia and Tom took a week’s holiday, getting married right in the middle of it, among the red rocks of Looking Glass Rock in Moab, Utah. They wanted to celebrate their passion of hiking, camping and exploring, without all the frills of a traditional wedding day.

Donia explained, “When we decided to get married we knew we did not want a wedding. We’d both been married before and it just didn’t interest us. I came across a link to an elopement photographer’s website and just cried – everything about the idea seemed so perfect! No chaos. No rules. So much nature. The person I love. Intention.”

“We love hiking, camping, backpacking, paddling, and just generally exploring and it just seemed fitting that we’d spend a day doing what we love and come back married! We didn’t plan much of anything for the day. We had photographers, a rough sketch of the day, and we just explored. We didn’t even have guests! We got ready in a campervan and changed into our wedding clothes outside on top of a rock!” 

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Bright, Bold & Colourful Wedding with Pom Poms A-Plenty!

Wanting the celebration to be a reflection of them as a couple, it was really important to Sam and Chris that their wedding day was packed with personal details and things that were meaningful to them. Alongside Sam’s dad, the pair run The Volkswagen Wedding Co, so it was only right that their day was filled with impeccable attention to detail and a full fleet of VWs, too!

There were loads of DIY elements to their wedding day. One of their favourites were the packs of confetti which they’d put together for after the ceremony. Same explained; “On every chair was an order of service card with a small envelope of confetti presented inside. For each pack of confetti, we made a donation to Overgate Hospice in memory of some loved ones who sadly couldn’t be there with us. We thought this was a nice and uplifting way of remembering them on our wedding day.”

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Intimate True Romance Meets The Wedding Crashers Wedding

Sending out mix CDs as wedding invitations set the tone for Nataleigh and Tyler’s wedding, as they created a truly unique, alternative, and above all, fun experience for their friends and family. They wanted a bold, personal and romantic theme to their wedding, focusing on their love story as well as their favourite songs and movies.

“We had such a cool venue that created a great atmosphere”, Nataleigh told us. “We had neon signs, delicious food and so many personal details; napkins that read ‘You’re So Cool’, lighters that said ‘To Burn The Patriarchy’ and movie quotes on neon signs and flags. We had LuxeLife Sound create a mix that included all the songs we wanted for the perfect basement party vibe. This also doubled as a thank you as we could send everyone the playlist, post wedding. This mirrored our mix CD invitation perfectly.”

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The Black Wedding: A Metallica-Inspired Celebration

Matt and Kirsty used Metallica’s The Black Album, and their wider shared love of alternative music, as a rough inspiration for their May wedding day. They named their reception tables after their favourite bands, sent out gig-ticket style invitations and even both changed their surname to Black!

The alt influences continued with the pair commissioning a Tim Burton’s style portrait of themselves to use throughout their stationery and styling for the day. The guests were also all requested to wear black. Kirsty changed from a white Mori Lee dress into a black JJ’s House gown for the reception, both of which she paired with Zombie Peep Show skull stilettos. The bride’s father, a a joiner by trade, built a custom coffin for their guests to use as a photobooth during the reception.

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Colourful Floral Rainbow Punk Wedding in Corfu

With a fun, beautiful but short ceremony overlooking Corfu, Keelin and Darren mixed a love of rainbows with a love of music to create a day that really reflected them.

The couple found wedding planner Aris Papachritou of Belli Momenti Weddings, who was instrumental in planning their destination wedding. Keelin explained, “We wanted to get married in Corfu in Greece because we had visited there when we first began dating. We had decided that if we ever got married, this was the place.  Outside of the location, I didn’t have much of a vision – until I found Aris. Once I hired him and he supported me with the locations and vendors, things really came together.”

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Eco-Conscious Vegan Wedding with Pastel Tones

Lucy and Dan swiped right on Tinder and haven’t looked back. Finding their perfect match, they embraced their inner ‘pastel nerd’, planning a wedding around their first wedding purchase – Lucy’s rainbow Dr Marten boots!

With a focus on creating a vegan and eco-conscious wedding, the couple ensured they used recyclable or reusable products where possible, and asked guests to bring food bank donations instead of gifts. Lucy also took on the task of DIY-ing as much as they could.

They explained, “I essentially classed the whole wedding as a DIY project! I designed the invites, seating plan, place cards, welcome sign, donation sign, menu signs, recycling bin signs, karaoke slips, and every other sheet of paper with print on at the wedding. I also built and hand painted the cake Warhammer toppers to look like us and our cats.”

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Texas Backyard BBQ Meets Carnival-Themed Wedding

Eliot and Liza mashed together inspirations from polar opposite parts of their personalities for the April wedding day; they were Inspired by summer family barbeques, Mardi Gras, over-the-top carnival costumes and The Fort Worth Stock show, amongst other things!

“We wanted our wedding party and every guest to have fun with their own personal style,” Liza told us. “Everyone we know is incredible, so we got a fun mixture of styles and outfits.”

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